Club Lise

The mentoring program Club Lise (based at Humboldt University in Berlin) targets at female students in grade 10 and up. It is designed to support and foster their interest in and pursuit of STEM subjects. 

Club Lise was founded by Tanja Tajmel (HU Berlin) in 2005 within the larger EU Project PROMISE (Promotion of Migrants in Science Education), and  especially seeks to support girls/female students with migrant-backgrounds during their schooling as they approach graduation and face decisions about their higher education. Named after the physicist Lise Meitner, and inspired by her as a role model, Club Lise has set its focus on mentoring, diversity and the promotion of STEM education.
From natural science to engineering, our mentors are women active in many different fields; they can offer an inside look at a typical workday and aspects of their profession or specific subject area. The mentees receive support and encouragement to recognize their own potential, develop their capabilities and plan their further education as well as explore career goals.